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My boy Walter purchased a PocketBeagle for me. It looks like it will be a lot of fun !! PocketBeagle
This is also a useful site, PocketBone GitHub. The FAQ section is interesting.
The Getting Started Page for the BeagleBone in general works for the PocketBone.
Here I will try to document what I am doing with PocketBeagle.

To start, download an image from the BeagleBone downloads area. Use the “Stretch IoT (non-GUI) for BeagleBone and PocketBeagle via microSD card” version. This version has Python 2 and Python 3 along with VIM and Apache pre-installed.

Use a disk image writer to place the downloaded image onto a SD card. Once the image is on the card plug the card into the board and connect the board to your computer via an USB cable. The PocketBeagle will be powered from the computer USB.

When using 'ssh' with the provided image, and via a USB cable, the username is 'debian' and the password is 'temppwd'.

ssh -l debian
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